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eLearning Courses
for AHSPO Members

The AHSPO Executive revamped education offerings for members and have partnered with leading professional development consultants Arc Blue to deliver a huge range of learning modules specifically for the procurement profession.

The following courses are designed to be interactive and engaging and will provide an overview of the key probity principles that apply to anyone involved in procurement activity. Topics will include what probity is and why it is important legislative and organisational probity requirements, and the key probity principles.


AHSPO will fund or partially fund these modules, ranging from procurement essentials to supplier management and an introduction to contract law. We’re confident these new learning modules will benefit everyone, from new starters in procurement to seasoned veterans. All modules will be delivered online, perfect for when you have a moment to spend on your own development.

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Risk and governance

Introduction to risk (90) Designed for procurement practitioners and contract managers to provide them with an introduction or refresher on risk. It provides an understanding of the factors affecting risk, establishing the source and types of risk, and to begin considering about how to manage risks. Probity for purchasing and procurement (included free of charge) This module provides an overview of the key probity principles that apply to anyone involved in a procurement activity. Topics include what probity is and why it is important legislative and organisational probity requirements, and the key probity principles. Procurement Essentials (180) Made up of four modules, this course provides an understanding of procurement, targeting the non-procurement professional. 1. Introduction to procurement - what is procurement and why is it important, methods of procurement and governance (30 minutes) 2. Guiding principles including risk, legislation and the 9 guiding principles (20 minutes) 3. Procurement process including the source to contract process (10 minutes) 4. Evaluation to establishment which outlines the principles of evaluating and engaging a supplier (15 minutes)

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Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship management (180) 1. Governance - This module explores an overview and context for managing relationships and focuses on the governance framework. We explore the types of relationships, supply positioning and establishing the governance framework. (20 minutes) 2. Managing supplier performance - In this module, we will focus on establishing the performance regime and some key tools to manage suppliers. You will learn how to establish KPI’s and behaviours as well as incentives and sanctions. (20 minutes) 3. Supplier development - This module focuses on supplier relationships and development. Also covered are the pitfalls of supplier development and common mistakes in managing strategic supplier relationships. (15 minutes) 4. Relationship measurement - In this module, you will learn to set up value discovery programs and techniques for driving change. Tools and techniques are covered on how to measure relationships and why this is important. (15 minutes) Contract management (180) Made up of two modules, this course, provides an overview of good practice contract management. 1. Part one – this module provides an overview and the key principles of contract management and the legislative framework under which organisations operate (10 minutes) 2. Part two – In this module the four core elements of contract management will be discussed: planning, mobilisation, management and close-out. (25 minutes)

Strategic planning

Developing strategies (90) This module explores tools and methods to support the development of category strategies. We look at analysis tools, supply positioning, customer preferencing and the market management matrix. Supply positioning (90) This module explores using the supply positioning tool, how to plot each category of spend. It also looks at how to position categories to understand the appropriate management behaviour for each quadrant. Customer preferencing (90) This module explores what influences a suppliers attitude and the value of business. It covers suppliers objectives and the ‘attractiveness’ factors that determine your level of importance to the supplier. It looks in-depth at building the customer preference matrix and how we use it. Porters 5 forces (90) This eLearning course provides an overview of the business environment assessment tool ‘Porter 5 Forces Analysis’ which is used to support the development of procurement category strategies. This module is designed for all professionals involved in the development of category and procurement strategies, with particular regard to procurement professionals who need an understanding of approaches to the analysis of the business environment as part of a wider appreciation of tools and methods available. It examines the Porter’s 5 Forces Model only.

Business Conversation
Market engagement

Evaluation Panel responsibilities (90) This module is designed for non-procurement professionals who are taking part in an evaluation panel exercise. Using clear, non-procurement language, it should provide the basic steps involved in evaluation, probity matters and good practice evaluation techniques Contract Law Introduction to contract law (90) This module is designed for those in purchasing/procurement officer roles who are buying goods and services on behalf of their organisation. It provides a basic introductory-level understanding of what a contract is, how a contract is formed, terms of a contract, termination of contracts and remedies for breach of contract.

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Cost management

Should cost modelling (90) This module looks at key principles involved in understanding the make-up of margins and how suppliers price products. What are the price drivers other than cost, the product lifecycle and the process for developing a should cost model. Basics of company statements (90) This module explores key elements of company statements and how they apply in a procurement context. NEGOTIATION Principles of negotiation (90) This module puts negotiation into context, explores why we negotiate and the main elements that make a successful negotiator. Structure of negotiation (90) This module provides a complete review of the importance of each of the six phases of a negotiation with particular focus on the’ Opening’ and the ‘Testing’ phases. It looks at setting expectations, testing assumptions and looking for signals of movement.

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Preparation and planning (90) An in-depth look at the ‘Prepare and Plan’ phase of a negotiation. Preparing and Planning are two of the most important aspects of a negotiation to secure a successful outcome, this module looks at some key aspects to be considered. Persuasion methods (90) This module contains a comprehensive look at how to persuade others to your point of view. It introduces the 5 methods of persuasion, rules on how to make them powerful, and guidelines for when to use them in a negotiation. Movement techniques (90) To develop more skills to gain movement and explore the difference between internal and external negotiations. This module builds on the persuasion methods, and looks at tactics and stakeholders. Developing and using power (90) This module provides a deep understanding of how the balance of power affects negotiations and tools to increase your own power. Negotiation tactics (90) An introduction to negotiation tactics and seven top tactics and when to use them. The first of three tactics modules looking the most common negotiating tactics. The seven in this module are designed to be used by anybody and would fit in any negotiator’s toolbox. We will also look at how to respond to each of the tactics if used on you. Negotiation tactics 2 (90) A look at seven more advanced tactics and when to use them. People and behaviour (90) Module provides a deep understanding of the people element of our house of negotiation, particularly what make a negotiator warm and tough.


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