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The AHSPO Executive ensures the purposes of the association are achieved,
as follows: 
  • to secure a wider recognition of the importance of the Supply function in Healthcare organisations;

  • to bring together those engaged in the Healthcare profession in a friendly and social environment;

  • to provide facilities for the reading of papers and for general discussion and presentation of facts of interest to the members on all matters regarding effective Supply activities;

  • to further the dissemination of ideas and methods in such other ways as may seem expedient;

  • to improve and elevate the technical and general knowledge of all concerned in the Health field;

  • To promote a high standard of ethics, and just and honourable practices in the conduct of business; and

  • to assist each other in difficulties arising from procurement and supply.


The AHSPO Executive

Aldo - Copy.jpg

Aldo Santo


Mobile 0409 299 413

Pragasen - Copy.jpg

Pragasen Pillay

Vice President


Michelle Killick

Secretary and Communications Officer


Debra Birznieks

Education Officer


Dominic La Caze



Victoria Curnow

Membership Officer


Judy Bart

Committee Member

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