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Registered Members: 360

Full Members: 257

Corporate Members: 75

Associates: 5

Life Members 13



AHSPO members actively support the executive and fellow members in achieving the association goals and objectives. Support is through continuous participation in events, contribution to education of members, to web site content and promotion of the association mission and objectives in every opportunity possible.



The AHSPO Mission and Objectives


  • To secure a wider recognition of the importance of the Supply function in Healthcare Organisations

  • To bring together those engaged in the Healthcare profession in a friendly and social environment

  • To provide facilities for the reading of papers and for general discussion and presentation of facts of interest to the members on all matters regarding effective Supply activities

  • To further the dissemination of ideas and methods in such other ways as may seem expedient

  • To improve and elevate the technical and general knowledge of all concerned in the Health field

  • To promote aa high standard of ethics, and just and honourable practices in the conduct of business

  • To assist each other in difficulties arising from procurement and supply


Full Members


A person may qualify for Full Membership of the Association under the conditions stipulated in accordance with Rule 3 (3) of the AHSPO Constitution, i.e.

  • be not less than 18 years of age

  • be currently employed in the Supply Chain function as their principal occupation in a Healthcare Institution, or employed by the agent of the healthcare institution

  • where duties performed above are no the primary function, membership would be at the discretion of the Committee


Associate Members


Associate membership is open to:

  • Individuals that are employed within a healthcare institution;

  • have an interest in the supply chain function;

  • but are not employed as their principle occupation in this capacity;

  • Full or Associate members that have retired from the healthcare industry;

  • but wish to continue their membership with the Association.

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