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Membership Officer: Victoria Curnow | Telephone: 0498 493 291 | E-Mail:

Association of Healthcare Supply & Procurement Officers

AHSPO Membership Form
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I / We wish to become a member of AHSPO / renew my membership and in the event of admission, I / We agree to be bound by the Rules of the Association for the time being in force.

I / we agree to be bound by 

Note: this form cannot be submitted unless this box is ticked.

Note: New applicants please complete Section C | Renewals please go direct to section D payment details

Payment method (EFT or Cheque recommended)


- credit card fields will be shown if this box is ticked.

- if paying by credit cards with month & year expiry, please select day one from the calendar to fulfil the DD/MM/YYYY system requirement.


As per the Association rules, annual subscriptions are due first day of January each year.

Receipt/Tax Invoice will be provided upon request to the AHSPO Treasurer.
If approved you will be sent a "Welcome Letter" and "Certificate of Membership". The "Welcome Pack" and "Quarterly Journal" will be sent to your business address.

Payment will not be processed until application is accepted and approved.

AHSPO is not registered for GST, therefore there is no GST component in the price

SPECIAL NOTE: Kindly keep the AHSPO Executive informed of any changes to your employment information. This will ensure continuous receipt of association communiques.

Thank you

for your application to AHSPO

Thank you for using this form, an automated confirmation email will be sent to the main email address entered on this form

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